Tips for writing bachelor thesis

Bachelor thesis – theoretical part

Each bachelor thesis must have a theoretical part, or a literature review of the subject. It is mainly on its basis that tests or analyzes are carried out. The theoretical part should include the most important concepts related to the subject of work, as well as, if possible, presented research and secondary analyzes that will help to refer and formulate research problems in the empirical part. Bachelor’s thesis can be completely theoretical. It all depends on its subject and the developed outline.

Bachelor’s thesis – empirical part

The empirical part of the bachelor thesis should start with the methodology or methodology of the research. Here the main assumptions of the research are presented, i.e. – the subject and purpose of the research, research problems and hypotheses, methods or techniques and research tools. The methodology / methodology of research can be a separate chapter, but also one of the sub-chapters in the empirical part. As we mentioned earlier, the bachelor thesis does not have to have an empirical part, however, most of the bachelor thesis has them. This is where the results of the tests or analyzes are presented. It is important in this part of bachelor thesis to respond to given research problems and check the correctness of hypotheses.

Completion of the bachelor thesis

The second most important thing in the bachelor thesis is the ending. The reviewer immediately after reading the introduction, takes up reading the end of the bachelor thesis. Therefore, each bachelor’s thesis should be well-written both in the introduction and in the ending. In conclusion, the most important information should be included, such as:

  • recall the subject and subject of the work,
  • write whether the goal has been achieved (if not also write that the goal has not been achieved and give the reason),
  • present the conclusions from the whole work (in the case of empirical work – mainly from research, analyzes),
  • present the most helpful bibliographic materials,
  • refer to the future of the chosen topic,
  • at the end you can also thank the supervisor (obligatory). However, they are not required.

Bibliography bachelor thesis

The method of recording a bibliography for a bachelor thesis may vary. However, you can usually divide it into: compact items (books), items not included (scientific articles), legal acts, reports and websites. Thanks to this, you can present the used bibliography in a quick and legible way.

Lists and annexes of the bachelor thesis

The bachelor’s thesis includes mainly: a list of tables, a list of drawings, a list of charts, a list of photos, etc. In turn, in the annex – questionnaire, interview or medical documentation.

Bachelor’s thesis – how is our offer different?

Our bachelor thesis differs from the competition. It is written primarily by professionals and has the features of scientific work. In addition, we sign contracts with each client, in which the rules of cooperation are presented in detail, along with the deadline for the completion of the entire work and the possibility to set a deadline for the delivery of individual parts. At each stage of cooperation, we try to help as much as we can, advising and presenting our own concepts of writing a job. They choose our help and you can be sure that the bachelor thesis you will receive is in a professional and reliable way. As a few, we pass our copyrights to the Bachelor’s thesis, and we also offer 30 days to improve. Thanks to our 10 years of practice, you can be sure that the bachelor thesis will be of the highest quality.

Bachelor’s thesis how to order?

If you would like to order a bachelor’s thesis through our portal, fill in the contact form located here. You will receive a response within a maximum of 24 hours. Remember that by filling out the contact form you are not obliged to order a bachelor’s thesis. However, include the most important information, such as the topic of the work, the number of pages, the date of commissioning, as well as the work plan (if you have one) and additional information that will be useful for accurate valuation.

How much does it cost to write a bachelor thesis?

The cost of writing a bachelor’s thesis differs depending on its subject and the difficulty of writing it. We do not have a rigid price list, so it is difficult to write exactly how much it costs to write a bachelor thesis. We consider each application individually and only on the basis of detailed guidelines we make a valuation. However, we can write that a standard bachelor’s thesis for about 50 pages is about $ 800-900. The initial valuation can be made thanks to the table below, where we presented how much it costs to write a bachelor thesis.