Bachelor thesis writing

Bachelor’s thesis is written by first-cycle students in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The student, besides writing a job, must also defend it. It is only after defending the thesis and positive review that you can use the title of bachelor. Bachelor’s thesis must be written early and systematically so that it is not accompanied by additional stresses and negative emotions. That is why we have prepared a special offer for students, which will make the bachelor thesis we write will be of the highest quality and finite at the right time. By entrusting us with such an important thing, you can be sure of our reliability.

The bachelor thesis we offer has all its scientific features. Persons who write bachelor’s thesis must have extensive theoretical knowledge necessary to write it properly. Bachelor’s thesis is primarily characterized by its research part, although not all bachelor’s theses must have it. That is why our team of editors has a variety of education and extensive knowledge from almost all scientific fields.

Bachelor’s work pattern

Every Bachelor’s job you order through our portal is written from A to Z. As part of the service you will receive:

  • bachelor’s dissertation;
  • bachelor’s work plan;
  • table of contents of the bachelor thesis;
  • entry to the bachelor thesis;
  • the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis;
  • the empirical / project part of the bachelor thesis;
  • completion of the bachelor thesis;
  • bibliography;
  • tables, tables, drawings, charts, etc.

In addition, each bachelor’s thesis we write has annotations. In each case, we consult our clients regarding editorial guidelines. In the absence of these guidelines, we accept standard editorial guidelines.

An outline of the bachelor thesis

After selecting the topic, a bachelor’s thesis should be drawn up. Thanks to it, you can take a course related to the bachelor thesis. In the outline, we conclude a bachelor’s thesis plan, an introduction to the bachelor thesis, we present the aim of the work, problems and research hypotheses, methods, techniques and research tools, and in a few sentences we describe the scope of work, or what exactly will be found in each chapter we write. Each bachelor’s thesis should have an outline, he leads us to the goal, which is to finish the writing of the thesis, and allows us to keep on the subject of work.

Bachelor’s plan

The work plan, or rather the framework plan of the bachelor thesis presents the thematic scope of the work. The bachelor’s work plan consists of work, introduction, completion, bibliography and census sections. Below we present how an exemplary framework plan for the bachelor thesis should look like:


Chapter I The title of the first chapter:

1.1. The title of the first subsection in the first chapter

1.2. The title of the second subsection in the first chapter

1.3. The title of the third subsection in the first chapter

Completion / Summary

  • Bibliography
  • Lists (table of tables, drawings, etc.).

A bachelor’s thesis should have at least two chapters – theoretical and empirical. However, it should be remembered that it is mainly divided into more chapters (usually 3-5).

Table of contents bachelor’s thesis

We create the content in the bachelor thesis through Word. To do this, select the “references” tab, then the “table of contents” and mark the “automatic list”. A bachelor’s thesis must contain a table of contents, he navigates the reader after work and allows him to find out what the bachelor’s thesis contains. Usually the table of contents is on the cover page.

Introduction to the bachelor thesis

One of the most important things in the bachelor thesis is the introduction. He is the first to be read by the reviewer and promoter. It is from him that they learn about the purpose of the work, the thematic scope, or the bibliographic materials used. Each entry to the bachelor thesis should include:

  • reference to the subject of the bachelor thesis,
  • the subject of the bachelor thesis along with its justification,
  • presentation of the purpose of work,
  • presentation of the scope of work,
  • presentation of bibliographic items.

The introduction to the bachelor thesis may also (but does not have to) include a thank you to the promoter. It is an obligatory element. It should be remembered that the bachelor thesis is a scientific work and the introduction should be written first, usually during the preparation of the outline.